All Natural Invisble Pore Filler


Concealapore is an entirely new "invisible" pore covering concealer that instantly hides the appearance of large open skin pore sites flawlessly.  Formulated with all natural skin friendly ingredients and developed for easy on-the-spot large pore coverage Concealapore pore filler works effectively to glide across open pores conforming to cover and conceal enlarged visible pore sites making them instantly invisible to the eye.   Provides lasting coverage you can count on. 
Recommended: Purchase an extra carry along compact for touchups as needed.  
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Question: Does Concealapore Clog Pores?
Answer:  In that all products, skin care lotions, foundations, powders all to some degree get trapped in a large open pore site which then becomes even more noticeable there is really no other cosmetic solution to hiding these unsitely holes on the face on the market to hide or conceal them.  A dermatologist recommended a pore filler to me because I was told laser treatment would not eliminate a large pore site because of the depth of the pore.  Concealapore seems like a logical solution being made with natural skin friendly ingredients.


"I have a couple big pores on my face.  I have been searching high & low for help with my large pores.  I have tried every face primer and cover up cream under the sun!  I can’t believe your product.  It is perfect.  It is the perfect tint for any face.  I am amazed.  Thank you so much for inventing a product that actually works.  There are just no words to convey how truly satisfied I am!" CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 4/2011

"I just received my compact and didn't let myself get too excited until I tried it. So far I love it! Love it! Love it! Your product covers up large pores invisibly!  Thank you so much, I will let as many people as I can, know about your wonderful product."

"Thank you for discovering/marketing a large pore concealer.  I have been searching for something like this for years to hide my big pores. I just reordered two more containers of this "miraculous" product."

"A miracle pore concealer product, thank you for giving me back my confidence.  Excellent!!"

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I found Concealapore.  I have big pores on my face in  general but a couple are very large due to scarring. Although I use primer to conceal the smaller pores the really large pores look bigger because the makeup settles in. This product has been a miracle. I was skeptical because I am a black woman and many times products don't work for me but because Concealapore is clear it fills in big pore spots wonderfully. I put a little foundation over and you really CANNOT see the pores anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am customer for life." 

"WOW! You have performed a miracle with this product. THANK YOU!!!!!"

“I have an awful scar on my nose caused by surgery to remove a small cancer. The surgery also stretched my skin and created several large pores. Several plastic surgeons have advised me that any attempted fix could leave a larger scar.“Your Concealapore is the perfect solution for my large pores. I am so grateful to find this wonderful product. I am so much more confident now that I know my nose scar is almost completely concealed." Customer (L.M. - Annandale, VA)

"Your product has worked like magic to make the large pore disappear! I am very pleased with the results."

"I'm glad I bought two containers of it! I know that if I hear anyone lamenting over the same skin condition or of even one large pore in their complexion, I will definitely be recommending Concealapore.  This is an awesome product! The first "pore concealer I have used, and I received your product a couple of days ago, and have used it every day. It is AMAZING! 

"I have a VERY large pore on my cheek, and I was always very self-conscious about it. I was always trying to find something to cover it with.  I keep looking in a mirror as I cannot believe how well Conceal-a-Pore hides my big ugly pore. WOW! You have performed a miracle with this product. THANK YOU!!!" Julie W.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me get the package as quick as I did and in time to not only learn how to use the product with my complexion, but be able to feel confident in using it to cover up my unsightly, big pores.  After applying Concealapore,  I felt more confident and comfortable being around people in such a social occasion (the wedding) and being in the various candid pictures."

“I have to commend you on Concealapore! You are a genius! It really works! When I first received Concealapore I wasn't sure how it would work for me. But after applying my make-up and then Concealapore Pore Filler over the large pores the make-up did nothing to help hide, your product was truly translucent yet hid the pore completely! I was astounded! And so happy to have found a product solution for my large pores! It really works! :)”

“I'm just amazed at how well Concealapore covers and conceals and blends in! It's such a wonderful pore covering concealer product and I have tried many! Concealapore really does conceal my big pores and they stay concealed. Thank you so much!" 

"Thanks for offering such a needed product."

"I have a large pore on my cheek.  My kids kept asking, "What is that hole in your face?" I used your Concealapore pore filler and it really works well. I can't even see it in the mirror anymore. Thanks for a great product!"

"Your product has been a dream come true! I Thank goodness you were on the internet when I googled large pore concealer....this is the best product I have found to hide my large pores. I was trying to fill them with powder which only lasted just a while. Your product just is outstanding compared to all high dollar competition. This just is the best! It works so well to cover up large pores! Thank you so much...Much happiness and wealth in 2008...I'm so grateful!" Barb M.

Invisible Pore Concealer
3.5 g

Cover & Conceal Large Pores FLAWLESSLY
NEW! ALL NATURAL Invisible Pore Concealer
 Makes Large Skin Pores on the Cheeks, Forehead or Nose Invisible to the Eye


Flawless Coverage, 

Lasting Results

1-Step Application

Large Visible Pore

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"Thank you so much for the prompt dispatch of Concealapore.  I love, love, love your product.  I have a small icepick scar which I am very self conscious about and a couple of large open pores,

all have vanished when I use your product! For me it is like a miracle product.   

Thank you for this brilliant product."

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A Large Pore Covering Concealer that WORKS... 100% PRODUCT GUARANTEE.